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Weifeng Chen (ι™ˆδΌŸι”‹)

I joined Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics in December 2012. I am a faculty member of the School of Information. I earned a Ph.D. in computer science and technology at Zhejiang University after I defended my thesis on December 4th, 2012. My research interests include Visualization and Computer Graphics. Currently I am focusing on the topics of uncertainty visualization and green visualization.

Email: cwf818 (at) gmail.com / cwf818 (at) 126.com


Selected Publications (List all)

  • Haidong Chen, Wei Chen, Honghui Mei, Zhiqi Liu, Kun Zhou, Weifeng Chen, Wentao Gu, Kwan-Liu Ma. Visual Abstraction and Exploration of Multi-class Scatterplots. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2014, 20(12):1683-1692. (DOI)
  • Rui Wang, Minghao Pan, Weifeng Chen, Zhong Ren, Kun Zhou, Wei Hua, Hujun Bao. Analytic Double Product Integrals for All-Frequency Relighting. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2013, 19(7):1133-1142. (DOI, BIBTEX)

  • Weifeng Chen, Wei Chen, Hujun Bao. An Efficient Direct Volume Rendering Approach for Dichromats. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings IEEE Visualization / Information Visualization 2011), 2011, 17(12):2144-2152. (DOI, BIBTEX)

  • Rui Wang, Weifeng Chen, Minghao Pan, Hujun Bao. Harmonic coordinates for real-time image cloning. Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE C, 2010, 11(9):690-698. (DOI, BIBTEX)
  • Minghao Pan, Rui Wang, Weifeng Chen, Kun Zhou, Hujun Bao. Fast, Sub-pixel Antialiased Shadow Maps. Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings Pacific Graphics 2009), 2009, 28(7):1927-1934. (DOI, BIBTEX)